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Houston Home Staging…a moving experience!

I’ve heard the phrase ‘Flash Market’ twice this week!

‘Seller’s Market’ has been jumping around since last November!

In Houston, many of their listings are receiving multiple offers within hours of the listing. But, this really isn’t news. Houston Home Staging, has consistently produced this type of reaction from the market, with their well-staged listings. It is true, that many of the staging techniques that we utilized six or seven years ago, are now no longer used. However, new, exciting staging techniques are delivering great results, often, for less expensive staging budgets!!!

In the world of interior design things do change quickly. But, things change, they don’t just disappear. Home staging techniques require a skilled staging technician, and those of us who labored through the tough times, are now reaping the rewards for their work, and I can assure you, that home staging is (and always will be) a great investment (and not an expense).

We see disturbing trends:

– Overconfident clients who are presenting less-than-well-staged listings, are over-pricing their listings, and finding that the appraisals won’t support their contracts.

– Some Realtors are discarding all of their staging training that helped them succeed during the tough times of the last few years.

– Seller’s are confused by the phrases ‘Flash Market’ and ‘Seller’s Market’. They presume that in a hot market, they don’t have to prepare their property. Unfortunately, ‘Seller’s Markets’ come, and go! Sometimes quite quickly. I would not want to be the Realtor who has to explain to their clients that their lingering listing missed the ‘Flash Market’ because of poor presentation, or an overpriced listing!


We have a listing that is now on its third contract. The home was not likely to sell quickly in its pre-staged condition. With an investment in our $145 consultation, the home photographed beautifully, and attracted a full-price buyer within days of the listing. Unfortunately, the home inspection revealed condition issues that the seller and buyer weren’t able to settle on, and the overconfident seller presumed that if they corrected the issues, the next offer would produce a quick closing. Well, financing became an issue. The third offer has now delivered an appraisal that is 10% under the contract price – yikes!

So, yes, it is a ‘Seller’s Market’ in certain neighborhoods, and for homes that are well-prepared and well-priced. However, we still need to do our ‘Homework’, and a seasoned staging technician can help identify challenges, reveal value, and deliver a well-qualified client to your listing.